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WTF Restaurant is one of best vegetarian restaurant located in heart of Kuala Lumpur. It extremely attracts tourists and locals due to its beautiful location and delicious taste. It came about from a very old dream – a dream and brainchild of three partners. Who talked about opening a vegetarian restaurant at every dinner party for the past 15 odd years. Being born in vegetarian families and having lived in Malaysia most of their lives. They had a lot of trouble explaining ‘vegetarian’ when dining out.

Their choices were minimal, that too with a whole lot of explanation of what chefs can and cannot put in their food. They would often find eggs, seafood and many other not-vegetarian ingredients in their food and often had to resort to good ol’ Maggie when they got home.

Growing up, questions they always faced from friends who were not vegetarian would usually be, ‘what do you eat – grass?’, ‘fish is vegetarian right?’. ‘how do you survive without meat?’, ‘you are not getting any protein!’ and so on. One day, this bunch to show the world that best vegetarian food is made up of more than just grass. Anything that has meat can have an equally, if not tastier vegetarian version. And the killer one – there are dishes in the vegetarian family that have more protein than meat.

WTF Restaurants opened its doors in late 2012 in a small cafe area of a condominium in Bangsar and moved to its current premises in mid-2013.


The menu was passionately created by these three partners who are foodies and their spouses. You can find a wide variety of vegetarian food int heir menu – from North Indian to Indian Street Food, from Malaysian specialties to Indo-Chinese dishes and a splatter of Western food too. The people behind WTF insist on bringing out as best Indian restaurant as they possibly can and because of this, they even change their menu at least once a year.

Best Indian restaurant KL

WTF comes in best Indian restaurant of kl, because you can enjoy every taste of Indian food here. It present you India’s authentic cuisines with the finest taste. Food is not their only passion at WTF. A whole lot of importance is placed on quality. People are very health conscious today – they go to the gym, join Yoga and Pilates classes, attend meditation camps and generally put health as a priority. At WTF Restaurant, health is further complemented with the ingredients that are used.

“We do not use second-grade oils in cooking. All our cottage cheese is made fresh in the kitchen every other day. Gravies are never made for more than two days. All food is prepared upon ordering which means that nothing is cooked and frozen for use later. This sometimes does get us into trouble because preparation time is longer than popping a frozen pre-made container in the microwave, but we refuse to do it.


We do not use MSG or any additives in our food. Our buns are also made in-house – totally fresh and preservative free. We do not use artificial food coloring, additives or mock meat in any of our dishes”
This is a motto and promises the makers of WTF Restaurants to you.

So, come on over and try some awesome vegetarian food in kl – it is more than leaves and grass!

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