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Top 10 Indian Food In Kl Which Loves Everyone

Malaysia is the land of intermingled nationalities and the friendly dwellers are found to be pretty fond of tasteful cuisines that originate from other Asian nations, especially India. A broad range of dishes relish the Malaysians as well as tourists who hanker for dishes from other nearby nations and which constitute the such basic eating habits of the people of the region. Indian food in kl have garnered a massive momentum over the past some decades and an array of Indian vegetarian dishes are widely being preferred owing to their exceptional taste and then with the use of multiple spices, such dishes are healthful too. Checkout Our Indian Food Specials menu below.

Explore Top Indian Food in Kl

Let us explore some of notable Indian Food in Kl (Kuala Lumpur) in details:

1) Kdhai Paneer and Butter Naan

Specially lip smacking dish which people relish at length, marked with steamy gravy which is full of different spices and shrubs are also used for enhancing the savouring taste. Then, with premium breads, soaked in butter, such a combo make up for a rich feasting delight.

2). Moong Dal Halwa:

It is a sweet dish which is typical of India and is prepared with passion with passion when mung lentils are made to be soaked in water for 45 hours. The item is truly lip smacking is across Malaysia too, people from all nationalities enjoy it.

3) Lachha Parantha:

lachha paratha in kl

Making a fine and delicious preparation of Lachha Parantha (Laccha Paratha) is an art in itself, which is basically flat bread and is skilfully fried to grow into delicate layers. Further, scores of spices are mingled into the flour and which promulgate to their full taste on being fried on low flame. Many people in Malaysia simply long for such a mouth watering delicacy from India.

4). Kachori:

Yet another most significant item among the array of Indian snacks and people from the region regale the steaming smell of Kachoris. Across India, Kachoris are served in different forms such as Dal Kachori, potato Kachori and so forth and we have formulated special recipes for our grand restaurant.

5). Aloo Paratha

This is the most popular and common breakfast bread which is skilfully fried and is made to have meshed potatoes within in. Further, with some butter on hot fried Aloo Parantha, such becomes a rich delight.

6). Gulab Jamun:

Gulab Jamun in kl
Pretty sweet dish with delight and which has plenty of sweet aromatic liquid that ooze from it at length. We will create it with milk powder, bread, khoya and sweet potatoes. When people celebrate some feast or some pleasant occasion, Gulab Jamuns become inalienable from celebrations.

7). Vegetable Biryani:

Vegetable Biryani in kl
Biryani a Very tasty dish all over world. It is prepared with processed rice. Amalgamation of spices and herbs occur which make it lively to tongue. It contains a plethora of vegetables and herbs. At specific intervals we add some top vegetable oils. Then the outcome is simply a very delicious cooking item.

8). Paani Puri:

Pani Puri in kl
Golgappas is the famous name of Paani Puri in India. It is pretty popular back in India, which has scores of distinct items and their preparation to it. Such as black pepper centric mint water. Firstly we take mash potato and pulses and put into rounded and fried snacks. A little bit spicy water is then filled in it before being served to tantalize the taste buds.

9). Vada Pav:

Vada Pav is basically Mumbai favourite dish, but now it become famous in malaysia. It is fries in dry garlic sauce and this gives a richer spicier taste and tantalizing aroma.

10). Khandvi:

It is a famous cuisine in Gujarat. Khandvi is prepare with flour and yogurt. Sesame seeds also make their contribution as the delightful final touch. In Malaysia too, Indians and all other nationalities find it pretty savouring to tongue.