Enjoy Tasty Indian Food In KL

At present, many people love to eat Indian dishes while going outside due to its unique taste and blend of healthy ingredients. Preparing this food is not a simple task for many citizens in this country, so they look for an ideal place to taste the healthier and tastier dishes . For meeting the needs, we at WTF Restaurant come with an extensive range of tasty and delicious food items made of Indian style.

Our best indian restaurant KL has a team of skilled and experienced chefs who specialize in preparing Indian cuisine with amazing taste. We do not use seafood, eggs and any other non-vegetarian ingredients in our food items. We prepare the best types of cuisines to bring our customers complete satisfaction once they taste our foods. It is essential to note that our restaurant comes with a nicely created menu that includes exclusive varieties of dishes. The main highlight of our food menu is that it includes different varieties of cuisines.

Specialties of Our Indian Food In KL

It ranges from North Indian food to Street dishes.

Indian Food in Kl

Our team is dedicated to become the best and high-quality restaurant for tasting popular dishes. For meeting the goal, we work hard and change our menu minimum one time per year. People who are searching for the Indian Food in KL then our restaurant is the perfect place for them. We never compromise with quality of food and always provide taste with health. We know the value of your health so that we use the best and fresh items to serve. In our restaurant, your health is additionally complemented with healthy Indian ingredients which are used in our dishes. Most importantly, our chefs do not add second-grade cooking oils for preparing food

Apart from that, we prepare cottage cheese in our kitchen freshly every another 24 hours. We do not prepare gravies for more than 2 days.

Excellent Indian Food Menu KL

The dishes are prepared upon every order so that we have nothing cooked for frozen or for later use. Our restaurant never uses any MSG products or additives in the food. We uses the best kinds of quality ingredients to make cuisines preservative free and totally fresh. Our chefs do not utilize any artificial additives, colouring and other things in cooking. These are specialties and highlighting features of our food in KL. The main motto of our WTF Restaurant is to provide the mouth-watering Indian dishes which are definitely beyond your expectations. We have a broad menu with different varieties of dishes, including starters, Tandoori, kid’s menu, salads, soups, and sandwiches. The rate of our awesome vegetarian dishes is attractive. In short, our restaurant not only treat your taste buds but also suit your budget.