Eggless Cakes in KL

eggless cakes in kl

Welcome to the world of sweetness!

For those who crave sweet treats, WTF is a premium restaurant in town which offers a wide range of pastries, cookies, desserts & eggless cake in kl (Kuala Lumpur) Malaysia.

WTF Restaurant delights you with mouth-watering and highly tempting pastries, cakes and some of the best eggless, vegan and gluten free dessert recipes. We also invite you to explore a dazzling array of exquisite fresh-baked breads and savouries too.

Uniqueness of Our Eggless Cakes

The focus at WTF revolves around freshness, taste, feel, texture and process.
Our delicious gourmet desserts and snacks cater to any kind of event! Be it a birthday or a conference, wedding, anniversary or baby shower, our master chefs with their expert baking skills use only the choicest ingredients to make these gorgeous cakes to order. Fresh ingredients combined with artistic professionals create a taste so divine for every occasion!

All our products be it cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cold desserts are pure vegetarian, egg free and are baked using fresh high quality premium ingredients. We offer variety of fillings, icings and flavors that make the perfect combination of ingredients for your special custom cake.

We also bake vegan and gluten free cakes and muffins. You can be assured that our fantastic unique designs set us apart from any other baker in the city. There is so much to savour here right from lovely desserts to eggless and preservative free breads and buns.

Why Choose Us ?

Our team goes to great lengths to make sure our preparations reach you at their freshest best! We have expert chefs to prepare for you intricate sugar art designs specialty cakes and wedding cakes that look just as good as they taste. Each product is hand-molded and made with passion with impeccable craftsmanship.

If you’ve been looking for a place that offers a warm blend of Luxury Dessert with personalized service, with some exciting new flavors. Then WTF, marks the end of your journey. The world of good taste & decadence awaits you at WTF restaurant!!!

WTF Restaurant has always maintained a commitment not only to products but also to customer satisfaction. We acknowledge it is customers that keeps a business thriving and for this we believe wholeheartedly in customer service excellence. We offer a promise of quality and honesty and endeavour to go the extra mile to put a smile on the face of our customers.

Eggless Cakes Gallery

    strawberry eggless cakes in kl 
    chocolate eggless cakes in kl 
    Celebrate your brother & sister best day with our Eggless Raksha Bandhan cakes in Kl Eggless Raksha Bandhan cakes in Kl 

    Keeping pace with time and technology, we are just a click away Or you can call us on 0192617070

    Custom cake orders require 24 hours notice.

    WTF is currently open from 11am to 11pm, seven days a week.